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Customer Experience Studies

(Or . . . Give Your Customers a Voice)


Your customers speak a very different language than you do.  Why?  You (and your employees) are insiders.  Because of this, you experience your company (and competitors) with a certain amount of bias (its natural).  Whether they are consumers or executives, your customers can face obstacles when they just want to do one thing:  buy what you have to sell.  

When the customer steps up to the microphone, powerful trends emerge that help you solve problems -- problems which can  directly affect your revenue.  You can also gather brilliant ideas to add to your own, and clearly see what is working and why. 

Our belief is that marketing isn't just about creating cool ads.  Its about connecting the dots between your customer, your company -- and that cool ad.  After all, your customer is a key part of your story.





Customer Experience Studies

Blue Pearl conducts in-depth, one-to-one interviews with customer contacts.  We use a structured approach to understand your organization's needs, then capture insights into your customer experience.   We analyze the trends that signal systemic problems as well as uncaptured success.  We also provide recommendations that help close the unseen gaps in your customers' experience that could be affecting your revenue.



Creative Discovery

When embarking on key creative projects, hearing from your customers just makes sense.  Before we write, design, create . . . we know when, how and what to ask.


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