Blue Buzz

(Or . . . Nice Stuff People Say)



 "When Elisabeth takes on a project, she not only dedicates herself 100% to the task but she also communicates with you regularly to make sure she’s giving you exactly what you want. The result is a website that is artistically stunning, comprehensive, and easy to navigate. I love working with her. She is very focused, has amazing attention to detail, and she is funny. It is easy to know what to expect, as she always keeps us in the loop."

Andrew Abrams, Artistic Director
Capital City Theatre


"Elisabeth is incredible. She has fantastic ideas and is one of the most diligent and efficient people I've ever worked with. I love the immediate call to action on the site. It flows so well but also looks classy. I think using snappy fun language is a great way to keep your business casual and friendly - Beth is amazing at this. Strategically, she has planned ahead, so we can, too. We will be able to grow the brand's look and feel as our funding and programs grow. We will have different components to sell season passes, and to keep our education programs and future academy separate from the mainstage, but all under the same brand. Everything that anyone needs to find is very easy and accessible, and is explained succinctly and clearly, with a one step click to get what you need."

Stef Dickens, Managing Director
Captial City Theatre


"From the beginning, working with Beth Veltman  was comforting, from her personal demeanor to her professionalism and writing skills, I knew that I would be taken care of.  I felt 100% satisfied when the job was completed.  Without hesitation I would recommend Blue Pearl Strategies to anyone."

Tim Cusack
Speaker & Author of "Me Too"


"Beth Veltman is focused and strategic.  She helped our company hone in on the actual benefits that our customers receive from our services.  This was no easy task in our complex market.  Thank you Blue Pearl!"

Ann Armstrong
Laughter That Matters 



"I have been trying for years to get my novel published and market it through the web. I wanted to set up an easy to use website, market it through social media and have a go to group that could help me brainstorm on marketing. There was a reason why it took me so long to reach my goal: I had not met the right people yet. Finally about 2 years ago I did. Blue Pearl Strategies has made my product top notch and if you don't believe me check out my website and social media traffic!"

Keri Topouzian DO, Author of "A Perfect Armenian"


"Beth Veltman facilitated an in-depth interview process with me, working intently to get at the crux of Jennifer Butler Interior Design and our philosophy.  This thorough evaluation was extremely helpful in focusing our business strategy so that we could effectively follow and apply our unique approach and goals.  I would recommend Beth with Blue Pearl Strategies to any potential client looking for an insightful business and marketing strategist that will  tailor a program for your specific needs.  Thank you Beth!"

Jennifer Butler
Designer / Owner
Jennifer Butler Interior Design


"Crisis Care Network engaged Elisabeth Veltman and Blue Pearl Strategies recently as a copywriter.  When writing about our services (and to our different audiences), she quickly grasped the complexities of our business model coupled with the need for extreme sensitivity describing trauma work, tied that understanding to our objectives, and condensed it all into a succinct, compelling message. Feedback from prospects and customers has been outstanding! We experienced her as patient with our naiveté, passionate about sharing our message, and responsive when plans changed. We will work with her again."

Bob VandePol
Crisis Care Network


"I have had the pleasure of working with Beth for a number of years on a variety of projects.  She is full of new ideas to put into action, yet very much willing to listen to the latest thought you have been working on.  She is professional, yet fun, which keeps the mood refreshing during ongoing campaigns.  Beth understands that although not everyone is a marketer, everyone does have an idea that they would like to see acted upon.  It is her willingness to be open-minded in certain areas of the marketing, while picking up the slack in other areas that makes Beth a valuable and enjoyable part of any group."

Mark Zimmer
The Leonard at Logan House


Elisabeth is thorough and tenacious in her work. She has a sixth sense when it comes to marketing, customer service, and relationships. She has made an incredible difference in the marketing and positioning of our company. Thanks Elisabeth!

Ann Finkler
CEO Team Restoration

Elisabeth Veltman was the lead data analyst who helped create the Lehman Brothers Euro-Aggregate index, the first euro-based component of the Global Family of Indices. I appreciated her ability to efficiently meet her deadlines while working under a great deal of pressure.  She exhibited superb skill in identifying and gathering customer requirements while adeptly negotiating with a variety of data vendors in the new euro markets.  She designed a database that enabled our Euro indices to thrive and evolve into the industry standard."

Steven D. Berkley
Former Managing Director
Global Head of Fixed Income Indexes
Lehman Brothers



I have had the pleasure to work with Elisabeth in two different capacities, when she was the Director of Client Services for Applimation, Inc. and as an interviewee on a customer experience analysis project.  Her work with customers in a directorial capacity truly exemplified what customer service is all about.  She understands how customers’ lives are affected throughout their entire experience with a company. This is especially important within today's fast-paced economy, where understanding your customers' needs are so critical for a company’s success in product development, marketing, sales and support. She knows how to listen to what her clients need and how to get things done. As an interviewer, she has a wonderful way of speaking with people and getting to the facts, and then being able to analyze those facts in a very complete manner.”

Marc Englard
Senior Director 
Fast Growing Natural Products Company
Palm Beach, Florida