Blue Loves Green

(Or . . . Our Industry Experience)



What Green Means

All industries have been influenced in some way, big or small, by the word "Green".  Blue Pearl loves Green.  When needed, we bring our knowledge and curiosity about sustainabiity, organic, health, and all things green to the table for our clients. Blue Pearl believes in a holistic approach that balances the green of making money, with approaches that are good for communities, our environment, and customer relationships, as well. That balance is the real green, as it promotes long-term financial growth.



The foundation of Blue Pearl's experience is in the business-to-business environment, and with companies who nuture close, long-term consumer relationships. One of our strengths is our ability to translate technical language into one that can be understood by multiple, and sometimes competing audiences. Clients need to be impressed and intrigued. They also need to understand what you are selling and why it is good for them.


Industry Experience

Our cross-industry background gives us insight into "how a company works." We learn a lot from other industries, and that experience gets absorbed into the melting pot of ideas that we come up with for you. It also helps Blue Pearl be flexible, and approach problems with a fresh mind. Our clients' work in fields like health and wellness, medical, food, education, engineering, market research, financial, technology, software, crisis response, and construction. Elisabeth has a background in classical music and The Arts, and knows this industry intimately. We also work with authors, because we love books and writers, too.


Food and Health

Blue Pearl's technical and creative knowlege extends into the medical and food world. Blue Pearl's president, Elisabeth Veltman is a cook who also writes and edits recipes. For her blog, The Tender Foodie, she interviews top scientists, physicians and researchers in the medical field. Her expertise is in the organic and food allergy markets, where she has consulted on food-related projects and has spoken on behalf of the food allergic customer to food producers, chefs, and consumers.