Who's Blue? 

(Or . . . Unbox That Great Idea)

We deliver marketing strategy, copywriting and creative solutions -- unboxed.

Our team of highly-skilled consultants are employed as you need them.  Your company will have a dedicated core team to develop your brand and materials, but without the costs of an in-house marketing department.  Our structure allows us to be flexible, holistic and inventive, so you can look like yourself, not anybody else.

Blue Pearl's Chief Cook and Bottle Washer is Elisabeth Veltman.  Elisabeth is your strategist (to help translate the big business picture into smart marketing) as well as your main copywriter.  At the ready we have top-notch designers and illustrators to add to your team.  We also have  relationships with excellent photographers, videographers, web site design companies, printers, publicists, specialty illustrators and more.  Whatever your story might be; Blue Pearl will help you tell it.










The Blue Pearl Story

Pearls have long represented value in differing societies. At one time, they were treated as important financial assets, comparable in price to real estate, as thousands of oysters had to be searched for only one pearl. Ancient Indian philosophy refers to the blue flash that one might see between their eyes during meditation or exertion as the "blue pearl". To them, the blue pearl is the physical manifestation of the soul and is a sign of great transformation. In today's business society, customers manifest the soul of an organization. Customers keep business alive, healthy and responsible with new purchases, ideas, standards and demands. They are the source of positive, regular transformation and revenue. Customers who have a consistently superb experience inspire employees because they know their hard work and dedication is appreciated. Marketing isn't just one-way communication -- it's a conversation between sales, employees, partners, company leaders -- and current and future customers. Blue Pearl Customer Strategies recognizes the value of the customer and their experience in our clients' businesses as well as our own. You will enjoy being a customer of Blue Pearl.


Elisabeth Veltman

President & Chief Consultant

Marketer: Blue Pearl has been helping clients expand their customer base, create their brand and grow financially since 2004.... Writer: A somewhat checkered past gives this strategist and writer a lot to draw from....  Executive: Senior management positions cross industries, including Director of Client Services for Tickmark, Inc. (a start-up software company), and Director of Information at Columbia Artists Management Inc. (management for the performing arts).... Teacher: Elisabeth has been on the faculty of Baruch College's continuing and professional studies department, a division of the City University of New York. She taught the Fundamentals of the Customer Experience....Analyst: Senior Data Analyst & Vendor Liason for Lehman Brothers Fixed Income Department where she led the research and construction of the back end of several indices, including the 144a Index and the first Euro Aggregate Index to hit Wall Street.... Green Living and Health Enthusiast:  Elisabeth eats her veggies, especially if they are organic, and chooses to learn where things come from and how they are made.  She comes from a medical family, is certified in Reiki, practices yoga and has absorbed wellness knowledge throughout her life. She also writes a food blog called, The Tender Foodie, to help people with food allergies and sensitivies, shorten the learning curve with advice from experts like chefs, physicians, and researchers.  Musician: She kept this under wraps after she "retired" from her musical career many years ago, but Elisabeth was a musician and classical singer. She traveled the world singing with operal companies and symphony orchestras. Short story, it isn't a secret anymore. Student:  (Always.)  She holds a Masters degree in Music from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor's degree in Music and in German from Calvin College. East meets Midwest: Elisabeth lived in Miami for 1 year, in New York City for 15 years and returned to Grand Rapids in 2005.

She speaks a little German, a little less French and Italian, and brushes up her languages with CD's in the car whenever she can.